Cooling tower fill

Cooling tower fill is used inside the cooling tower to increase contact surface and contact time between air and water, to provide better heat transfer. The efficiency of the tower depends on the selection and amount of fill. The cooling tower fills differs in design, number and size of distribution channels and material as required for maximizing cooling performance. Fills are made of PVC or PP and assembled to blocks by using connection elements, gluing or welding.

Blocks are assembled to cooling towers in several layers based on thermal calculation.

Water distribution system

PVC pipes are used for inner water distribution. This material, thanks to self-cleaning character and invariable flow section, prevents creation of incrustations. The water distribution system is also microorganism-, mildew- and stray current resistant. Low height should be counted as a benefit for assembling. The pipes are edged with removable PVC blinders.


Nozzles made of PVC are mounted to water distribution system and are used for quality and invariable water spray on whole surface of cooling fill.

The number and type of nozzles is designed by thermal calculation.

Drift eliminators

Drift eliminators are located between the platform where the fan group is located and water distribution system inside the cooling tower. It is pivotal part lowering amount of the water lost by drifting with absorbed air.

Eliminators provides multiple directional changes of airflow to prevent the escape of water droplets and sustains with their return to the cooling process. Eliminators are made from PVC in many shapes and designs.

Air inlet louvers

This part is mounted on the body of cooling tower into air inlets where serves for homogenous air flow, air distribution among the whole cooling tower and preventing the loss of water in basin by splashing.

We are using shutters made of galvanized sheet of PVC materials.

Cooling tower shells

The surface of mechanical draught cooling towers is protected by shell made of fiberglass of many sizes and profiles (wave, trapeze). FRP panels are shape-stable, light and easy to saw. We are able to attach shell on various type of construction (concrete, steel, wood,…) with use of classic fastening members.

Axial fans

We offer fans of different shapes and sizes. The ventilator is composed of hub and fan blades (adjustable during still stand). Number of fan blades and their shape given to required power parameters.

Fans are mounted directly on shaft of three-phase slow-running induction motor or on shaft of gear unit which is propelled by electromotor located on ventilator platform.

Motor units

Water cooling tower motor units:

  • Three-phase slow-running induction motors (type PMH of PMT) for direct drive of axial fans. These motors should be part-turn or multiple-turn.

  • Three-phase induction motors with gear unit.

All types of electromotors can be equipped with frequency changer as per client’s request.

Fan stacks

Fan stacks are used for directing outgoing air from cooling tower. Several fiber-glass parts are assembled together and whole fan stack is mounted to the ventilator platform.

We offer fan stacks in different diameters and heights.

Noise attenuators

Floating mat decreases noise level caused by water falling in cooling tower basin. Floating mat consists of three layers of PP mesh and one layer of PP netting. It is fastened to polystyrene floats.