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Main activities of the company Věže CZ s.r.o. are construction, maintenance and repair of cooling towers all types and dimensions.

Thanks to broad knowledge and long-time experience of its employees in the field of cooling towers the delivery of our work is in superior quality.

We are also cooperating with several important foreign producers of the cooling equipment. In accordance with our professional approach to our business in industrial water cooling these products are designed directly by us in order to find the best solution and value for our customers.

Our company disposes of mandatory equipment mandatory for realization of turn-key operations. We are also able to provide project documentation on all levels.

We believe that experience and our service quality would be an assumption of our long-term cooperation.


We are providing supply of all mandatory spare parts for all cooling towers (incl. natural draft cooling towers). Our range of actions also includes maintenance and repair of all types of cooling towers. Our company specializes mainly on supply of cooling towers in three following types:

FRP induced draught cooling towers with hydraulic power 2 m3/hour – 700 m3/hour.

Small mechanical draught cooling towers with steel frame. Hydraulic power 130 m3/hour – 1 120 m3/hour.

Large mechanical draught cooling towers with steel or reinforced concrete frame. Hydraulic power 1 000 m3/hour – 4 100 m3/hour.


Power measurement and analysis of cooling towers

Our company is able to provide you with power measurement and consecutive analysis according to standard EN 14705 (Heat exchangers. Method of measurement and evaluation of thermal performances of wet cooling towers) formerly DiN 1947 and eventually according to standard ATC 105.

Design and projection

We offer draft drawing and plans for new-built cooling towers, design of new-built and reconstruction of cooling circuits and thermal calculations.

Service, maintenance, repair works

All machines and buildings requires periodical maintenance and repair works as cooling towers so. Routine checks and maintenance can prevent many unexpected issues and break downs hand in hand with maintaining required power parameters of cooling. For all mentioned reasons we offer technical check of your units. These checks will be base for our offer for eventual repair works and supply of new technology required for indemnity of maintenance works.


Cooling tower fill is used inside the cooling tower to increase contact surface and contact time between air and water, to provide better heat transfer.

PVC pipes are used for inner water distribution. This material, thanks to self-cleaning character and invariable flow section, prevents creation of incrustations.

Nozzles made of PVC are mounted to water distribution system and are used for quality and invariable water spray on whole surface of cooling fill.

Drift eliminators are located between the platform where the fan group is located and water distribution system inside the cooling tower.

It serves for homogenous air flow, air distribution among the whole cooling tower and preventing the loss of water in basin by splashing.

The surface of mechanical draught cooling towers is protected by shell made of fiberglass of many sizes and profiles (wave, trapeze).

We offer fans of different shapes and sizes. The ventilator is composed of hub and fan blades (adjustable during still stand).

We offer water cooling tower motor units in various types. All types of electromotors can be equipped with frequency changer as per client’s request.

Fan stacks are used for directing outgoing air from cooling tower. Several fiber-glass parts are assembled together and whole fan stack is mounted to the ventilator platform.

Floating mat decreases noise level caused by water falling in cooling tower basin. Floating mat consists of three layers of PP mesh and one layer of PP netting.

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